Top 5 Benefits of Getting an AC Tune-Up

Top 5 Benefits of Getting an AC Tune-Up

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Whenever we walk into our homes after a hot summer day and we turn up our thermostats, although we’re relieved for the cool air that’s blowing through our vents, we usually don’t put too much thought into our AC units. That is until it breaks down and by then, usually there is something wrong that requires us spending a significant amount of money in order to have it fixed.

That’s why, in our opinion, it really is best to have your AC tuned-up once or twice per year. That way, your service person can detect any issues that you might have and correct them before they become too big of a problem.
If you’d like to know some of the main benefits that come with getting an AC tune-up, we have five of them for you below:

It helps you to save money on energy costs. When our AC units are working at an optimal level, this means that it doesn’t have to try quite as hard to cool our homes. As a direct result, we’ll end up with lower energy costs. So, if you’re looking for a way to spend less money on your electricity bill, having your AC unit serviced is a really smart way to do it.

It can extend the life of your AC unit. Typically, you’ll need to have your AC unit replaced every 10-12 years. If you’re someone who has been in the kind of situation where you’ve had to do that before, then you know that it’s not a cheap expense. As a matter of fact, it can run you several thousand dollars. However, having a tune-up can keep the parts of the unit in tip top condition, which can help to extend the overall life of the unit.

It keeps breakdowns from happening. In most cases, by the time an AC unit actually breaks down, it was needing some work done to it weeks prior to it happening. However, when a professional comes out to have your unit serviced, they can probably “catch” whatever problem you might have had that, had it continued to go unnoticed, would have ultimately led to a breakdown.

It helps to keep you safe. If your AC unit has been making some funny sounds and you’ve gone online and read about things like fixing the compressor or you saw an article that asked you is your AC’s SEER reaching its top performance, you might think that you can handle these kinds of matters on your own. However, it’s important to always keep in mind that an AC unit is also an electrical machine. Having a professional come and check it out is a safe thing to do.

It can keep your home feeling comfortable. It’s not always guaranteed that the same day that your unit goes out, you can get a technician to come and fix it. Plus, they might need to order a part or you may discover that you’ll need to purchase a new one altogether, which requires making sure that you have the money to pay for it. This is just one more reason why it’s best to have your AC unit tuned-up. A day without cool air can sometimes seem like weeks, but if you get your unit serviced twice a year, there’s a huge possibility that you won’t have to concern yourself with that. Not in the least.


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